Accenture opens first innovation hub in Bengaluru

IT company Accenture on Thursday opened its first innovation hub in Bengaluru that will offer organisations access to knowledge, leading technology capabilities and business acumen in over 40 industries.

Over 4,000 people will work at the innovation hub and combine research and development capabilities, industry insights and technology skills.

“Technology has a multiplier effect and enables organisations to drive competitive differentiation, transform customer experiences, create innovative business models and achieve breakthrough business results,” said Bhaskar Ghosh, Group Chief Executive, Accenture Technology Services, in a statement.

Spread over 440,000 square feet, the innovation hub includes dedicated Accenture ‘Delivery Center floors’ to focus on delivering industry-specific solutions for clients.

“The innovation hub combines our technology and world-class delivery capabilities to enable clients to drive innovation at any stage of their business,” said Mohan Sekhar, Senior Managing Director in Accenture Technology Services.

The hub will also leverage the company’s innovation capabilities and broader ecosystem around the world — including Accenture Labs, ‘Liquid Studios’, ‘Digital Studios’, ‘Interactive Studios’, ‘Innovation Centres’ and ‘Cyber Fusion Centres’.


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