Blue whale game: Parents should keep close watch their kids.

Teenagers committing suicide on Facebook Live or leaving behind a suicide note as a post—cyberbullying could be one of the factors behind this new trend, feel experts.

A manifestation of this trend can be seen in teenagers getting persuaded to join private social media groups where a new dare is given to them every day. Blue Whale Challenge is one such game, which started in Russia on a social network called VKontakte.

The game is reportedly responsible for over 130 suicides in Russia already and is also believed to be behind a recent case of teen suicide in Mumbai. Participants have to complete a dare and upload selfies or videos to prove that they have completed the task assigned. The game starts with simple challenges such as taking a walk in a deserted alley at night, but soon veers to more risky tasks such as cutting up a body part, etc.

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