India sees 52,123 corona positive cases in a day.

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With a daily increase of 52,123 in total cases, the most in a day so far, India’s tally of coronavirus cases has risen from 1,531,669 on Wednesday to 1,583,792 – an increase of 3.4%. Death toll has reached 34,968, with 775 fatalities in a day. India, the third-most-affected country by total cases and sixth by death toll, has added 345,157 cases in the past 7 days alone.


  • With 32,553 new recoveries, India’s recovery rate has fallen slightly to 64.4%, while death rate remains unchanged at 2.2%.
  • India’s new daily closed cases stand at 33,328 — 775 deaths and 32,553 recoveries. The share of deaths in total closed cases stands at 2.32%.
  • India’s 5-day moving average of daily rate of addition to total cases stands at 3.4%.
  • India’s doubling time for total cases stands at 20.7 days, for active cases at 19.1 days, and for deaths at 30.9 days.


Source:Ministry of Health and Family welfare as on 30 July 2020