Is India’s Military Actually Ready For War With China?

As India and China continued their standoff on the Doklam plateau at the Sikkim-Bhutan-Tibet tri-junction, there is a possibility, if the Chinese media is to be believed, of imminent war. Both the print and the electronic media in China have gone ballistic with propaganda against India. Over 140 articles have appeared in the print media branding India as an aggressor, and warning it of unavoidable consequences if it fails to unilaterally withdraw its forces from the disputed territory.
The present dispute is between China and Bhutan, not India, but since New Delhi has a friendship treaty with Bhutan, which includes protecting its sovereignty, India had rushed troops to Doklam to remove Chinese soldiers from the disputed area. China is miffed with India as the disputed territory does not belong to India. India, on the other hand, is concerned that if China builds a road on the plateau, it could have serious security implications for India, as it will give it easy access to India’s northeast region via the Siliguri corridor. India has raised its security concerns with China and has offered a solution, where both the armies withdraw from the disputed area and maintain the status quo until a final resolution is found to the dispute.