Indore’s ‘moonwalking’ traffic cop turns a style icon

Ranjeet Singh is no Michael Jackson but he ‘moonwalks’ with the same finesse as the king of pop, waltzing on busy intersections of Madhya Pradesh’s commercial capital. It is his duty as well as passion.

Meet the dancing cop of Indore, an iconic traffic policeman who is inspiring his junior colleagues to adopt the ‘dancing’ routine to manage traffic on the city’s bustling, and often chaotic, roads.

One of his most famous routine is the ‘moonwalk’, a dance style made famous by the late US pop singer and entertainer.

“Instead of walking back I do the moonwalk which sometimes amuses commuters. That, in a way, encourages people to follow traffic rules,” he told Hindustan Times.

At least three other police traffic police personnel have adopted Singh’s style. And Singh is even training the juniors into perfecting their craft.

Sumant Singh Kachhawa, who joined the force recently, said he was inspired by Singh from his college days.


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