ISIS vows fight to death as Iraqi military says Mosul just ‘meters’ from imminent liberation

Islamic State terrorists have vowed to “fight to the death” and are using civilians as human shields in Mosul as Iraqi forces make a final push to retake Iraq’s second-largest city. The US coalition said victory in Mosul is now “imminent.”

“The battle has reached the phase of chasing the insurgents in remaining blocks,” the Iraqi military media office said in a statement, Reuters reports. “Some members of Daesh have surrendered.”

While some of the Iraqi forces are already celebrating their victory over Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), jihadist fighters, who control a territory less than one square kilometer have vowed to hold on to it or die fighting for Mosul’s Old City.

Islamist fighters “were holding onto their fortified positions,” the jihadists’ Amaq news agency reported, as cited by Reuters. “The fighters of Islamic State are collectively pledging (to fight to the) death in Maydan.”

Iraqi troops, backed by US-led coalition airstrikes and Shia and Kurdish militias, have liberated the whole eastern side of Mosul in a six-month offensive that began in October.

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