IT employees are getting suicidal fearing job-loss

IT in India, which is so far enjoyed the position of ‘most placed’ in the job market has suddenly lost its sheen. Blame it on Trump’s administration, which has asked the IT firms to hire locally and not to import techies in the USA isn’t enough. To top it up is the automation that will eat up the manual IT job market in next five years.

With all these issues playing spoilsport, the ultimate victims are the techies who were until now well settled and living a good life. With job security gone for a toss, there have been reports of suicides across the country. Last week a techie in Pune, having lost his job jumped to his death. Tech Mahindra has fired an employee giving 24-hour notice. An online counselling platform, YourDost told Economic Times that distress calls have gone up since last few months. They have also launched ‘Fired to Fired Up’ in June to deal with surge in the distress calls. It has received 260 odd calls and 800 chats last month.


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