Mumbai police arrest four people in “Game of Thrones” episode online.

our men were arrested on Monday for allegedly leaking episode 4 from Season 7 of the popular television series Game of Thrones.

The private firm, which has the season’s airing rights, filed a complaint after the episode was found on the internet sites in the first week of August with the channel’s watermark on it. It was a low-quality video of the episode.

An internal inquiry initiated by the company found two employees leaked it online. During investigation, two other names cropped up. Among the four arrested, three are employees of the firm and one is its former employee.

Bhaskar Joshi, Alok Sharma and Abhishek Ghadiyal were held technical posts in the firm and had access to the video.

Mohamad Suhail, a former employee, leaked the low-quality video of the episode on the internet after receiving it from the other accused.

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