Priyanka Chopra shamed for showing legs in front of Narendra Modi. Priyanka answers by showing some more leg, see photo

Priyanka Chopra met Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday in Berlin and the internet has been boiling with a sanskaari rage ever since. The reason? Priyanka Chopra wore a dress to meet India’s elected leader who is also her elder. If that was not enough, she crossed her legs also. “Haw how shameless,” was the lament of trolls and career slut-shamers on social media. So, how did the Baywatch star reply to all the trolling? Priyanka Chopra flashed some more legs on social media and this time in conjunction with mother Madhu Chopra who — don’t miss Priyanka’s sweet revenge here — is obviously her elder. Priyanka: 100, trollers: wait, we are still laughing wondering what their faces must be looking like.


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