Infosys dealt a significant blow, president & U.S head Sandeep Dadlani quits company

With everything that’s currently ongoing at Infosys, the Indian IT giant has been faced with a painful punch in the face as one of its most prominent executives has decided to depart the company after sixteen years of service.

We’re talking about Sandeep Dadlani, president and head of operations of the company’s (the largest market for Infosys outside of India). He was also the global head of the company’s unit responsible for Manufacturing, Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), and Logistics (MRCL) departments. Dadlani decided to share the news of his exit from Infosys on professional networking platform, LinkedIn. There, he wrote:

I will always cherish my 16+ years at Infosys working and learning with some of the best leaders, mentors, colleagues, clients, partners and teams in the industry. I am extremely optimistic of Infosys’ continued success and its strong leadership team.

I have decided to pursue my personal interests elsewhere. Next up: An out-of-the-world assignment! Stay tuned.

There is presently no information on the project that Dadlani is talking about in his aforementioned statement but we’re expecting to learn more about the same in the coming weeks. His departure from the IT company comes at a very significant time, especially when Infosys has been plagued with some hard challenges and its chief executive’s day-to-day decisions, as well as payout, is being questioned by the company’s shareholders.


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