Kalpakkam: Nuclear fast breeder reactor is huge boost to Make In India

The Madras Atomic Power Station (MAPS) in Kalpakkam in Tamil Nadu is all set to put in active duty an indegenously-built nuclear reactor that is bound to turn heads across the world.

Since it has been made and tested exclusively in the country, it is expected to be a huge boost to the Make in India narrative of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

MAPS, which works under the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL), is all ready to commission the next iteration of its Fast Breeder Test Reactor (FBTR), which has been compared to the “akshaya patra” in Hindu mythology — an unending plate of food.

Except, in this case, the food is nuclear energy that will be consumed by people all across India when its successor is connected to the Power Grid.


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