Lynched Rajasthan man was protecting wife and daughter, eyewitnesses say govt official yelled ‘kill him’

For 24 hours, Rashida Bi has been in a daze. With a white dupatta over her face, she sits facing a blank wall, wailing and talking incoherently in snatches.

Next to her, her 14-year-old daughter Sabra is reading the Quran to come to terms with her grief, sitting on the floor of their modest one-storey home in a congested neighbourhood in Rajasthan’s Pratapgarh.

Her father, CPI (ML) member and activist Zaffar Hussein was allegedly lynched by government officials early on Friday after he objected to their photographing women defecating in the open.

The mother and daughter were among the women being clicked by civic officials, including the commissioner.

“They threatened my 14-year-old daughter, said they’ll burn her father, break my face,” Rashida says in an outburst before collapsing into sobs.


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