New India not about VIP but EPI- ‘Every Person is Important’: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing mann Ki Baat

New Delhi [India]: Endorsing the ban on red beacon and an end of the VIP culture, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said that new India is not about VIP but about EPI- Every Person is Important.

“New India is not about VIP. It is about EPI- every person is important,” the Prime Minister said while addressing the nation through Mann ki Baat.

Speaking in the 31st edition of his monthly radio programme, he further said that people have developed a negative mindset for the VIP culture in the nation.

“In our country people don’t like the VIP culture. I recently came to know that how intense it is. So the government banned the use of red beacon atop the vehicle of ministers no matter how prominent leaders they are,” the Prime Minister said.

Backing the ban on red beacon, Prime Minister Modi earlier said that every Indian is special and a VIP.

Replying to the people’s tweets, Prime Minister Modi said he is glad that a strong beginning has been made.

Politicos also supported the government’s move saying that it wound end the VIP culture prevalent in the nation and maintain equality.

“I have always stood in support of abolishing the red beacon system. This VIP culture should go and even ministers should feel like commoners sometimes. It’s nice to see that most of the ministers have removed the red beacon and have stood in support of this cause,” Union minister Sanjeev Balyan told ANI.


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