On the highway to demographic disaster

Not only has the Centre fallen far behind to create the promised 1 crore jobs a year, there doesn’t seem to be a cohesive plan to address the issue. Meanwhile, India stares at social tension and unrest.

A 37-year-old software professional, Krishna (details changed) in a leading Information Technology (IT) company in India’s Silicon Valley, Bengaluru, was more engrossed in putting finishing touches on a project, when, inscompanytead, he was given the pink slip last month. Suddenly, his world crashed. His high instalments for his house loan, car loan, children’s education, etc. stared at him and, another job seemed a distant prospect as the IT sector faces of one of its largest retrenchment drives.

In fact, according to the Mint, India’s seven biggest IT companies are planning to ask at least 56,000 engineers to leave this year!

Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi flagged the issue on Friday. Questioning the NDA government’s “commitment and capability”, he also tweeted: “Sad to see our youth let down by this Govt’s lack of vision (sic).” His tweets ignited more questioning on the country’s unemployment scenario.


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