‘Pokemon Go’ is great again, thanks to its sweeping new update

Last week, “Pokemon Go” got a huge new update , bringing sweeping and long-awaited changes to the game’s multiplayer battles.

These changes are just in time: As “Pokemon Go” approaches its one-year anniversary, the early mega-hype over the game has all but faded. Make no mistake, there are still 65 million active players , including myself, but the game has gone stale for many – even the very first “Pokemon Go” master has quit the game for lack of new worlds to conquer.

Fortunately for all, these new updates are exactly what the doctor ordered. While I never stopped playing casually, the update has me out in the streets again in my quest to catch ’em all.

After a year of same-old same-old multiplayer, the new update truly makes “Pokemon Go” great again – and sets the stage for even more exciting things to come.


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