Salman Khan: Those who order wars should be given guns and made to fight

In statements that might trigger another controversy when India’s relations with Pakistan are at a new low, superstar Salman Khan today called for peace since both sides lose lives in a war, which therefore cannot be a sensible move.

“War is not a sensible move. Nobody benefits from a war,” the 50-year-old actor said at a press conference in Mumbai. “There should be peace with Pakistan,” he said.

The superstar said, “Those people who order war, they should be given guns and made to fight. Within a day, all conflicts will get over as their legs will start shaking.”

“In war, the armies of both sides lose their lives. The families are without their sons or their fathers. They have to live their whole lives without them,” he said.

Tubelight, directed by Kabir Khan, dwells on the 1962 border conflict between India and China. Salman features in the movie with his younger brother Sohail.


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