Terror suspects were planning to target Lucknow’s historical buildings

LUCKNOW: Two terror suspects—Ehtesham and Faizan—who are at present in UP Police remand, have confessed that they were planning to target historical buildings of Old City in Lucknow and had also videographed the Vidhan Bhawan (state assembly) and made futile attempts to enter the secretariat for a reconnaissance.

“The idea was to trigger blasts at key installations to create panic,” said a senior member of the Anti-Terror Squad (ATS) team which interrogated them. The two are at present in ATS custody. Sources said the duo had also revealed about their plans to target a congregation of Shia community somewhere in the western parts of the state in the near future. The two were arrested as a part of a crackdown on terror suspects across five states including Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab and Bihar apart from UP.


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