The future is riding on driverless cars

After eight years of testing, Waymo — Google’s self-driving car project — is taking its show on the road, quite literally. Starting in March, the search giant’s sister company has been inviting residents of Phoenix, Arizona to be a part of its free ‘early rider’ programme, which allows families to try out Waymo’s driverless car. To meet the growing demand for test rides, Waymo has outfitted a fleet of 500 Chrysler Pacificas — a popular minivan in the US — with its self-driving technology. It is not just Google alone that has thrown its hat in the autonomous car ring. Uber, Tesla, Ford and General Motors are all contesting are challenging each other for a foothold in the self-driven car domain, which Goldman Sachs estimates will make up for 60 per cent of US auto sales by 2030. However, nobody is expecting a smooth transition. Innovations with a potential to cause massive disruptions have, very rarely, been adopted without resistance, and automated vehicles are no exception.

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