World Environment Day – 20 practical tips to be more eco-friendly

To do our bit for the environment, we don’t need to take large steps; even small gestures can help in the long run. Using resources in an economic manner is the first step towards saving the environment. We give you practical tips you can easily apply in your day-to-day life which will help you consume with care.


1. Instead of using the shower, bathe with water in a bucket. You’ll save litres.
2. Don’t leave the tap on while brushing or shaving, you’ll waste a lot of water.
3. While doing the dishes, scrub them all first and then wash them together to save water.
4. Never throw away water, repurpose it for something else. For example, you can use the water used for washing clothes to clean your bathroom floor.
5. Install toilet flushes with both less and more water usage to prevent wasting water with every flush.


6. Serve only the amount you think you can eat. Take a second serving if required, but don’t waste food.
7. Use leftovers the next day instead of throwing them away.
8. Give away food to someone needy if you do not want to eat it anymore.


9. Opt for energy saving electronics to consume less electricity.
10. Do not leave main power switches on when you aren’t using your AC or computer.
11. Switch off fans and light before you leave the room.
12. At home, have TV in the living room instead of one in each room.


13. As far as possible, opt for e-bills, emails, etc.
14. Take prints on both sides of the sheet to use less paper.
15. Use recycled paper whenever you can.
16. Use towel napkins instead of paper tissues to wipe your hands or face.


17. Drive at a speed between 40-80 kmph which is more efficient and consumes less fuel.
18. Make sure your vehicle is serviced from time to time so that it does not require more fuel.
19. Tyre pressure needs to be adequate as less or more can affect the fuel efficiency.
20. Carpooling or using public transport for commuting is a more eco-friendly option.

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