World no tobacco day 2017: 10 organs that tobacco can damage apart from your lungs

Tobacco can damage lungs; but is there even a single person on the planet who doesn’t know that? On being burnt, tobacco leaves can produce over 4000 chemicals [1]. This dangerous smoke cocktail smoke contains nicotine, formaldehyde, benzene, carbon monoxide, tar and other carcinogens can wreck havoc in your body and the first line of causality is usually your lungs. From colds and COPD to the more worrisome pneumonia and cancer, tobacco consumption can precipitate into scary, life-threatening conditions. It doesn’t even spare passive smokers.
But if you thought the damage stopped at your lungs, you are wrong. Smoke inhalation can leave a trail of destruction starting with your respiratory organs and ending in other parts of your body. Here are 10 organs that can get damaged by nicotine habits such as smoking and chewing tobacco.

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