50 arrested for attending dance party in Pak

Pakistani police have arrested 50 people from an hotel during raids here for attending a dance party and booked them for ”obscene acts and songs”, according to a media report.

The police rounded up at least 34 men and 16 women from the hotel yesterday and booked them for ”obscene acts and songs”, and for violating the amplifier and the tobacco control laws, the Express Tribune reported.

A large number of men and women were found dancing and playing music on loudspeakers while smoking.

However, a magistrate later released all the suspects on bail. The hotel owner and manager was also booked for abetment.

Earlier in May this year, a dance party in Lahore was brought to halt after religious clerics intervened.

Sunni Tehrik Lahore President Maulana Mujahid Abdul Rasool threatened police to stop a party at Sozo Water Park.


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