A view inside the new $5 Billion Apple Park in California

As Apple is inching closer to open gates of its brand new campus in Cupertino, California this year, drone videographer Duncan Sinfield’s new video offering a bird’s eye view of the status of work at the Apple Park has gone viral.

The video shows how the company continues to apply finishing touches such as landscaping. The video also highlights the work within the spaceship ring and planting of trees and other greenery in 175-acre, $5 billion Apple Park.

The landscaping is being overseen by an arborist personally chosen by the late Steve Jobs. He believed trees would be one of the most important parts of the Park.

The campus will be surrounded by around 9,000 trees and Apple’s efforts to find only the best trees have been detailed in the past.

“Landscaping around the campus picked up momentum in the month of July, particularly in the inner-circle of Apple Park where a large grove of trees has been planted. Tantau Avenue was also closed to vehicle traffic for much of the month as Apple works rapidly to finish the Visitor’s Centre. Opening day at Apple Park is still several weeks away,” an Apple insider report said.

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