Mobile Phone Displays To Overtake TV Screens In 2017: Report

Seoul: The worldwide market for mobile phone displays is expected to overtake that of TV screens for the first time ever this year, brought on by the change in consumer demand, industry trackers said on Sunday.

According to financial services company IHS Markit, growth of mobile panels averaged 17 per cent annually in the past seven years, effectively bridging the gap with TV screens that have traditionally led the market.

While mobile phone-related displays have surged forward, sales of TV screens contracted roughly 8 per cent per year during that same 2010-2016 period, Yonhap reported.


The latest predictions showed sales of mobile phone displays will hit $46.56 billion compared to $41.25 billion for TV screens that include both light-emitting diode (LED) and organic light-emitting diode (OLED).

This is in contrast to TV screen sales that were tallied at $55.38 billion in 2010, four-times larger than $12.9 billion for mobile phones.

The rise in mobile phone displays is directly linked to the emergence of smartphones and the advances being made in ultra-high definition panels that have appeared on mobile devices since then.

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